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Decide - make better decisions 

Being better at making decisions is a skill that can be learnt. It is easy to follow our instinct or to procrastinate, but did we consider all the facts and have we been overtaken by events?

Lead2Fusion teach methodologies developed to help military commanders at all levels to reach a good decision, every time. By updating the language and widening the scope Lead2Fusion has grown these methods into a simple system that works

There are 4 steps to making the right decision:



Work out what it is you are actually trying to achieve: 

your aim  



Examine the factors impacting on your aim, and what tasks will address them  


Create different ways of completing the tasks required to achieve your aim


Decide on the course of action that best meets your aim

Key skills we teach include: developing a vision; selection of the aim; goal setting; analysis; creative thinking; evaluation techniques; mission command; prioritisation and risk analysis, and time appreciation. 

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