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Our Courses

At Lead 2 Fusion we tailor the package to individual needs and give the best return on investment for our clients - whether for residential packages or one day workshops. The examples below are what has worked for clients in the past, but we thrive on doing what's right for you. All the packages have team and individual feedback sessions embedded throughout so the candidates develop through the course and learn mentoring and coaching skills along the way. 

Our training packages range from 1/2 day classroom workshops to 3 days of mentally demanding and physically challenging training. Whether it's training your teams to lead more effectively, setting your vision or getting solid actions to improve your productivity we have the solution. We will help your people to realise their potential.
Working to Leadership

A highly interactive one day immersion to take your leaders away from their desks and help them understand how to:

  • make better decisions and be accountable

  • listen better, communicate effectively and direct appropriately, to really engage people

  • work efficiently and effectively towards a common purpose​

This course can be run in austere conditions, which is a great leveller for some teams, or in a hotel location. Independent of the location we blend indoor and outdoor activities to match your requirements and abilities.  

Becoming a High Performing Team

Across a demanding 2 day programme we really get under the skin of your team. We practise the practical core skills that make a person into someone who their team will want to follow - the leader.

  • what is the aim, what are the factors and what are the possible options; how to decide

  • how to get the best out of people through development, empathy and encouragement; communicate

  • how to cope with stress and adapt the plan to deal with a changing environment; how to act

Like the Working to Leadership workshop the activities are matched to your requirements, from challenging indoor exercises to outward bound activities, with professional instructors. We have a range of locations where this course can be run, ranging from wild camping to spa hotels.

Being a Team of Leaders

As a progression from previous training, Being a Team of Leaders will stress-test your Board or team, across 3 days of mentally demanding exercises. Run from outward bound centres, with the candidates in dorm accommodation or under canvas the playing field is levelled and the pressure is on.

  • how to select and maintain the aim, and when to change course

  • contingency planning

  • how to keep the team on track and being inclusive when the going gets difficult

  • the art of getting the message across

Your team will learn how to make the right decisions at the right time. They will also have to live with the consequences of their decisions, until such a time as they can put it right.

The activities are tailored to the physical abilities of the group so that the whole team is tested appropriately.

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