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Our Clients love our solutions - so will you

For over seventy years Willerby has been the UK’s largest manufacturer of holiday homes and lodges. They design and build practical and beautiful homes for parks not only in the UK but also across the world. Lead2Fusion is helping to implement their Talent Development Program, and has given the Board of Directors a shake out too.

Feedback from the board:

"Informative, inspirational, challenging, fun, organised, professional"

Simply "the best course I have ever been on!"

From the management team:

"Excellent team experience"

"Very informative - a team-changing experience"

"Inspiring, challenging, empowering"

"Thought-provoking, rewarding"

"Fast-paced, relevant, fun"

and from their managers:

There has been a remarkable change in them and their approach since the training session last week

“'We have benefitted tremendously and achieved significant return-on-investment from the decision management training and it's consequent enabling of a mission command approach throughout the organisation.  Not only has the organisation benefitted, but almost all individuals have strongly acknowledged and appreciated the benefits to themselves both at and outside of work.  The training content and the trainers are exceptional.  Business performance, internal communication, resilience, adaptability and accountability have all significantly improved as a result of the training. Highly recommend.”

2018, President & Chief Executive Officer - Europe, Middle East & Africa - JSP Corporation

JSP is a public company quoted on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Working with one of the big 4 audit and consulting houses, Lead2Fusion is enabling the UK Resourcing Team to become a highly functioning organisation delivering what is needed for their delivery areas and the business as a whole

"We learned so much by consistently reviewing our performance, particularly during the outdoor tasks"

"Collaborative, high-energy, team-focussed"

"Relaxed, safe and informal, giving you the ability to practice what you have learnt "

"It brought the team together. The outdoor activities were brilliant" 

"Thought-provoking, inclusive, relationship-enhancing" 
"Team collaboration and ensuring everyone had a voice"

"The workshop has given me lots of ideas for how we can embed greater collaboration."

One of the "Big 4"

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